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Fourteen years of prosperity with purpose! Are you next? These people have pre-built their businesses, here’s real testimonials from American Prosperity Systems Powerleg Program customers.

“The Guaranteed Power Leg is by far the best program I have seen!”

Gary Nebeker
“I have known Chris Hollinger since 2007. He is the epitome of honesty and integrity. He has spent the last 18 months diligently building the Guaranteed Power Leg Program that will blow the socks off anything else you may have ever seen. Don’t hesitate join now you will be delighted you did. On the other hand if you don’t you will miss out on a great opportunity.”

Gerald “Jerry” Greger

“Chris Hollinger deserves an Oscar for all his hard work in the last year to develop the finest program available for all of us entrepreneurs to make a lot of money so easily. Congrats on his developing such an outstanding program.”

Bob Hatcher

“Your potential with this business is unending! Just an investment with $125 a one time fee and you will make $2072 a month. It’s a no brainer. Do it now!”

Les Casden

“I been in a few affiliate programs and was paid for my work. However, the difference between there programs and The New Guaranteed Power Leg program, I received a commission check faster, plus I didn’t had try to get family and friends to join, (When they see how easy this is, I know they want join) All I really needed to do was followed what Chris set up and that’s it. This is the most easy way for anyone to make money with or without a computer or computer skills. P.S. This business and check come at the right time, because I was laid off from work, but now I know I have a business that can WORK, The future looks better. Thank you Chris.”

Victor L. Brown – New York, NY

“Thank you! This is the very first time that I received a commission check from anything I have ever tried. I’m a single, disabled mother and I’m looking forward to being a part of APS Guaranteed Power-Leg for many years to come.”

Linda Payne – Livingston, AL

“When I got Chris Hollinger’s message about the American Prosperity System, Guaranteed Power-Leg Program, I thought it sounded good, but the promise of 2-affiliates in my downline was what I’ve heard before, from other so called gurus who cared about the ones helping them promote their programs.
I went ahead and joined up, hoping this time would be different. I took lightly what Chris had said about the two under me, I thought it would take months and months for this to happen. I had done a little advertising but really wasn’t in to it … until I received a letter in the mail, A CHECK! I was tickled blue (I’m male). Boy! guess what, I’m in high gear now about advertising the APS-GPLP. Chris is not lying about wanting to help us and also about the 2-in our downline.
Thank you Chris for your honesty and giving us hope that we can accomplish something together.”

Jeffrey S. Carnley – Bonifay, FL

“Thank you for developing the guaranteed power leg it is working I got another payment already sense joining the power leg I have been in many programs before but have never been payed like this I am very excited this to say the least. Chris is doing what he said he would do and that is to make this program work. He is keeping his promise to help us make money. Great return for the low start up cost. Thank you Chris.”

Gary Nebeker – Kimberly, Idaho

“The day I received information on the APS power-leg program with a guaranteed income, I read it several times. The more I read it, the more sense it made. I mailed my application in the next day. My second commission check is double what my first one was. It seems I am well on my way to a nice growing income. If I were you I would not delay, join today you will be glad you did.”

James Spears – Darlington, SC

“This program works! After years of trying different program and losing money, I’m earning commissions with the APS Guaranteed Power-Leg Program! Chris is a straight shooter, he’s got it right! No losses, but gains with his program! I joined and in a month and a half I received my first commission check! The passive income is only going to increase! Thanks a million Chris!!!”

Louis Cruz – Stoughton, WI

“The first month with no advertising I received a check for $28.00. I mailed just 25 letters and the second month my check was $60.00! I will soon be doing large mailings, it is working for me!”

Oscar Perkins – Diana, TX

“APS Guaranteed Power-Leg Program is a real paradigm shift! Great products and a system that works.”

James Haman – Red Lodge, MT

“I have joined a lot of programs and never made a dime. With the APS Guaranteed Power-Leg Program, I have already received commission checks! This program is for real!”

John Skuse – Entiate, WA

“Wow! What a nice surprise to get a commission check! This is one of the easiest things that I have ever done. I joined another program about the same time as joining American Prosperity Systems Guaranteed Power-Leg Program. I then spent a small fortune on it for Guaranteed Sign Ups, only to not receive a dime of commissions yet. Chris really hit a home run with the Power-Leg Program. This program is for the little guy because it is so affordable and I can’t say enough about member support. Chris has the best support and communications of any program I have ever been involved with. Thanks Chris for all your hard work.”

Julie Hauser – Advance, NC

“Chris Hollinger is the real deal! I just received my second commission check and couldn’t be happier! APS Guaranteed Power-Leg is dedicated to member success and Chris works hard for each and every member. Don’t wait to join, its your turn for prosperity!”

Cathy Cluckey – Liberty, MO