01. Why does American Prosperity Systems only use Automatic Bank Draft?

Due to the increased possibility of credit card fraud and identity theft it becomes a monthly headache for our office to work with folks who have suffered a major credit card problem. So in order to ensure steady and accurate commission delivery for our affiliates, the bank draft option is the best way of handling subscriptions/sales and delivering commissions every month.

The current Federal regulations put in place severely limited credit card processing for many industries. Want proof; go search “Operation Choke point”. Due to the fact that American Prosperity Systems Guaranteed Power-Leg Program is growing exponentially and generating unbelievable commissions, we could not jeopardize this entire business model and company to the whims and greed of credit card processing companies who can at any time seize monies and stifle or shut down any offers with no or little recourse. Our ACH model makes it very simple for us to track all sales and calculate and pay commissions every month. Once your position is created our system will securely debit your APS subscription and quickly and securely pay commissions right into the account you have on file with American Prosperity Systems.

The ultimate in security: My bank and my accounts have the most up to date and secure policies, procedures and systems to handle literally millions of transactions every month. Which is exactly what we need to be able to generate millions of dollars in commissions each and every month. Additionally, once you or anyone makes a purchase at any American Prosperity Systems site via (ACH) your information is securely encrypted and password protected using the most effective protocols and encryption in the industry.

If you remain hesitant to use this type of payment and commission delivery system then we recommend that you set up a secondary checking account that services your American Prosperity Systems Guaranteed Power-Leg business only and is not connected to your main checking or savings account. That way if there is ever a problem, your main account is never affected, just one that is serving your auto-debit subscription(s) and commissions delivery. In short: (ACH credit and debit) is the safest, cleanest, fastest and easily track-able way to handle literally millions of transactions every month and generate safe and reliable commissions for all American Prosperity Systems affiliates.

02. How do I build my APS Guaranteed Power-Leg Business?

When you join you will receive an immediate Marketing Email. This email will allow you to quickly share your new business on FaceBook (if you use FaceBook) with a “Ready-Made” ad. Plus, we will be creating additional ads that you can share very easily There will be a Ready-Made Email that you can copy and paste to all your contacts as well as a “Ready-Made” text message you can send to all your contacts. Then, my team of marketing experts will be advertising in multiple formats and media, driving traffic to build your business. We will use everything at our disposal to share this “Red-Hot” offer with millions of people. This includes, many social media outlets, online sources, direct mail, phone and text messaging systems and many others. Basically, we use your $92.00 one time advertising fee to build for you like crazy to max out your Guaranteed Power-Leg position to $2072.00 per month.

Realize that all advertising is focused on converting sales at Prosperamerica.com. This is the only American Prosperity Systems web-site that offers two guaranteed paid affiliate sign ups. The possibility of you making sales through your official link exists, but is highly unlikely to happen due to the fact that the Guaranteed Power-Leg program is such a significant and powerful offer. As long as the (APSGPLP) is running, it is pointless to promote your own individual link. However, the future profitability of your individual link will at some point come into play as we move towards our sustainable affiliate marketing model based on APS affiliate sales and the sale of additional products. For all intents and purposes, the current APS Guaranteed Power-Leg program should continue for 12-18 months.

03. Are you another “Pyramid Scheme”?

Absolutely not! Here’s why. We have great product and affiliate systems. Plus, every affiliate who joins can ultimately earn more than the people above them in our 4X10 Forced Residual Compensation Wave. Keep in mind that American Prosperity Systems only guarantees to place two paid affiliates under anyone who signs up at prosperamerica.com. Each affiliate receives their own links that will allow them to personally sponsor as many people as they want or can. However, every affiliate link offers a $33.00 per month subscription and product delivery. Not any guaranteed sign up. Another important aspect that you need to be aware of is that our guaranteed sign up offer works sequentially and fills one downline in the 4X10 Forced Residual Compensation Wave. So in this way, it becomes a “Collective” or advertising CO-OP where all sales ultimately help build for many. It also allows me and my team to focus on building/driving traffic and converting sales to honor my commitment to you and all by placing two paid affiliates under you and the folks who join after you.

04. How exactly does the Power-Leg work to make me money?

Once you join I promise to place two affiliate under you and I promise to do the same for them. Your people pay you $14.00 each per month and every sale happening below you in the 4×10 Forced Residual Compensation Wave pays you $1.00 each down 10 levels. Maxing out at $2072.00 per month per APSGPLP commissions. However, we are only placing and promising two. This is no where close to actually filling your entire 4X10 Forced Residual Compensation Wave. (See the Guaranteed Power-Leg Graphics at prosperamerica.com) all sales here will be handled sequentially placing two affiliates under whoever is next in line to receive guaranteed affiliates. This automatic fulfillment is dependent upon sales happening at prosperamerica.com and will typically happen very quickly, however it could take a reasonable amount of time for your guaranteed sign ups to be delivered.