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100% Guaranteed Commissions
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Hello from Chris Hollinger, the former teacher turned entrepreneur,

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you are our next American Prosperity Systems Guaranteed Power Leg Affiliate.

By joining me here and completing your APS advertising purchase and subscription something very important is happening.

I’m promising that I will place two people under you and that you will make a minimum of $28.00 per month!

Not a lot of money I know, but I won’t stop there! I also promise to put two people under the two I give you, when I do you get paid an extra dollar every month! That’s how this entire program works!

Every person who signs up here is placed under those that came before them, this way I can guarantee commissions to you and to everyone who purchases here. If you are their personal sponsor in APS you get $14.00 each per month, if they are below you, you will receive $1.00 per month down 10 levels.

Every time I fulfill my promises to you and others, you will get paid $1.00 extra per month all the way to $2,072.00 per month!

Cool right? Still I’m not promising a fortune, just real money in your pocket up to $2,072.00 per month that is guaranteed when your Power-Leg Compensation Wave is filled with guaranteed sign ups!

It’s really pretty easy.

Every week I speak with hard working folks from all over the country and they tell me that an extra $500.00 to $1,000.00 per month would be a real blessing in their lives. I hear them loud and clear!

I’m not jumping up and down like some kind of a whacked out, internet guru who’s promising millions. I’m just a hard working American success story who is doing work that is worth doing for folks just like you!

My wife Kim and I began our web design and marketing business fifteen years ago by writing this simple mission statement: Always shoot straight with our affiliates, do what we say we will do, and build systems that work!”

It’s as true today as the day we wrote it.

Join me today and see for yourself why American Prosperity Systems Guaranteed Power Leg Program is the only offer in the world that can actually guarantee to make you commissions!

It’s a bold promise that I make and keep every day! Plus, this is just the beginning of the super profitable times to come for all American Prosperity affiliates.

Dedicated to your success,


Chris Hollinger Former teacher turned entrepreneur and creator of American Prosperity Systems Guaranteed Power Leg Program.